Welcome to BlondeSighted Art

After retiring from a 32-year career in education,
I decided to explore my creative side through travel, photography, and writing.

I also decided to start a small art business with my dad, who’s been an artist most of his life.

What a wild ride this is becoming!

Welcome to BlondeSighted Art.

Latest Posts

Momma’s Flowers and a Sense of Purpose

My apologies – it’s been a while since my last post. Life has a funny way of pulling you off your game and sending you running in a different direction on a whim. That’s what it’s been like since I…

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Out of the Scraps

The other day, while I was over at Pops’ place, looking at some of his new projects, I discovered an old watercolor painting, hidden back among some old scraps. I pulled it out and asked him who did it. Come…

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