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Welcome to BlondeSighted Art

As they say in the south, “I earned it honest”.

I come from a long family line of creative types. Dad has been painting and drawing for over 70 years, and my mother was crazy for Mod Podge and macramé. Granny was a painter, writer, and musician, and her mother was a writer for the hometown newspaper.

From the time I learned to hold a crayon, one of my favorite activities as a child was writing letters
to family members and drawing little pictures in the margins of the paper. Back in the day, card and gift shops were places of wonderment, and to this day, I still feel that same way when faced with a colorful display of stationery items. I’ll admit I have an unhealthy addiction to paper and envelopes.

There is something quite special about receiving a handwritten note.
It is an authentic and artistic expression of the writer’s feelings – a gift, in my opinion.
William Wordsworth said, “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart”.
I couldn’t agree more and am doing my best to keep the practice alive.

That’s why I created BlondeSighted Art.
My specialties include notecard sets, greeting cards, art prints, and jewelry, adapted from original paintings, photography, and graphic design. Some of my father’s artwork is available in the shop as well.
Most of the pieces have special stories behind them – visit my blog page to learn more.
I hope you’ll enjoy browsing around my online shop and hope that you’ll find something that speaks to your heart.


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