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Opening the “Next Chapter”

It’s hard to believe I’ve been retired from education almost a full year now. That chapter took me thirty-two years to complete, and I feel pretty good about how it ended. Now, I’m working on a new chapter, and it’s much different that the previous one – not as organized and predictable. Some of the old characters and scenery are no longer here, and the plot has changed a bit, too.

Actually, right now, I’m not sure there actually is a plot. And that’s not a bad thing.

Some days are filled with productivity, and others… well, they all begin to blur into a self-imposed stupor of mid-morning Netflix binges (I’m a sucker for the “Virgin River” series right now) and a lost sense of time and space. Today, I looked at the clock and felt a bit guilty for not having done what I used to feel was a respectable amount of work.

Pops (that’s what I call my father) says that, in retirement, “Every day is a Saturday.” I’m starting to understand what he means a bit more than I did a year ago.

But regardless of what actual day it is, I find myself both excited and a bit apprehensive about this new business venture. I’m happy that Pops has a new sense of purpose by joining me on this journey, and he’s working away at new paintings and creative ideas for us to run up the proverbial flag pole to see if they fly. I wanted him to join me in this new chapter because he knows how to run an art business. And he’s one of the best salesmen I’ve ever seen.

He also tells me not to take myself too seriously.

So, I’m going to enjoy myself here at BlondeSighted Art… and maybe have a little more fun than in the previous chapter. I hope you’ll join me.

Me and Pops about two years ago.

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